i like what am doing this year :)

poor thingpoor thing

(28/11/2021) hands are off but i was way too late into inking when i realized that, oh well. i really like what i did here anyways. updated design of her

bunch a guysbunch a guys

(10/11/2021) a bunch of ocs

mandrill warriormandrill warrior

(20/10/2021) still suffering from artblock and school but managed to whip up a really nice mandrill guy


(09/10/2021) sonic twitter made a post saying "draw tails from memory" and so i did. took liberties


(28/09/2021) geoffrey saint john in his spy outfit. i know the hands aren't aligned i messed up lol

gaps watering jammergaps watering jammer

(26/09/2021) a bigger drawing after a nice break. gaps (with an s he isnt me) watering his new asshole friend jammer. tried to go for weird sun that doesn't seem to light things up effect? not sure about the shadows at the bottom too but uhhhh i worked hard so i don't care


(15/09/2021) my oc is cool

cute thingcute thing

(09/09/2021) it's been while since I did colorful/clusterfuck type of stuff. i was just listening some old sckool hardcore and drew what came in mind

halloween iconhalloween icon

(06/09/2021) a halloween icon. faces are low effort but very fun and lead to good results. i should do more, especially in a period of art block lol


(02/09/2021) tried to color this but didn't find anything pleasing unfortunately. fashion obsessed ant who pretends to be a bee for a plot reason


(01/09/2021) have a croc


(25/08/2021) [Click Here] TO RECIEVE [-30 Kromer] [[Exchange]] 50% OFF


(24/08/2021) this guy is one of my favorites to draw, ever. tried to do a compromise design between satam and archie? I didn't really think too much about it just drew the dude


(21/08/2021) still lacking a lot of energy (physical and mental) but managed to sketch a little susie


(16/08/2021) another sketch. wanted to do his far busier fullbody design but i did not find the time

thinking kobathinking koba

(16/08/2021) i really wanted to refine this guy's design more. still not happy with the body shapes but i see positive progess. i imagine koba to be very intimidating and eerie, but tender and attentive at the same time


(12/08/2021) orbulon!!!

classic styled infiniteclassic styled infinite

(10/08/2021) classic styled infinite for da funsies


(03/08/2021) crude emerl doodle. not sure what is the context


(01/08/2021) commission i finished. request was an angry possum n garbage discovered with a flashlight. neat


(27/07/2021) sketching out some freak designs is very fun, especially when you're a bit burned out. mutant wrestler called roti (pronounced rot-ti)

spectre without his cloakspectre without his cloak

(25/07/2021) always wondered what would spectre look like without his cloak. took a quick shot at it because hm cool robot parts


(25/07/2021) spontaneous ludicolo

laughing shoelaughing shoe

(24/07/2021) some OC. noticed her hand was backwards too late in the drawing process so i just didn't fix it, part of charm i guess. playing with texture and effects

my arms owieeemy arms owieee

(22/07/2021) some kind of ven art idk. went to somewhere with my parents and injured my arms in the process. my hands are fine at least

eclipse the darklingeclipse the darkling

(18/07/2021) wanted to draw this guy for a little while. happy with how this turned out

a sloppy gabsa sloppy gabs

(17/07/2021) i am a perfectionist and often tire myself because of this, and i also feel that my style is too rigid. sometimes i just need to let it go and not give a fuck! no fixing mistakes, just chilling out with the pen but still making my idea come through

trucker leechtrucker leech

(17/07/2021) trucker leech. not sure if I want a more gross deisgn like the top one or something more stylized like the bottom one

drago wolfdrago wolf

(12/07/2021) drago wolf. i really like his legionized look. tried to draw him in a more cartoony manner but i still like his og design a lot

la creaturala creatura

(12/07/2021) very old invader zim oc got a, drastic change


(11/07/2021) a roach. comes from a random 2020 piece

grandfather drangagrandfather dranga

(10/07/2021) oc i made up on the spot while training on perspective. grandfather dranga, some sort of robot mafia leader

axel getting shot by a laseraxel getting shot by a laser

(09/07/2021) axel getting hit in battle and falling down. basically shading practice but i suck at shadows so im not sure about it

sonichu in the uekawa stylesonichu in the uekawa style

(08/07/2021) wanted to train on the ueakawa artstyle. due to recent events i chose this, uh, peculiar character. i think i nailed some parts but messed up others, need to tweak my airbrush settings

walter white and storm's beautiful romancewalter white and storm's beautiful romance

(04/07/2021) drew this after a peculiar conversation gave me the idea. a beautiful love story, i think.

koba standing next to spuzzkoba standing next to spuzz

(02/07/2021) never gave colors to koba, still unsure about them. spuzz is just there for scale. koba is the 2nd main character of my comic story i'll never make or something. i think i drew his tail wrong but it's too late now

spuzz biting lightning lynx's headspuzz biting lightning lynx's head

(01/07/2021) more lynxes! nobody cares about my OC meeting sonic characters, but it is very fun for me, so i'll keep doing it. lightning lynx is keeping his cool because he's in a stealth mission, but can't hold on any longer due to something bothering him. oh and fuck larry lynx btw.

croctobot being annoyed they're not being taken seriouslycroctobot being annoyed they're not being taken seriously

(01/07/2021) hello croctobot fandom!

sneaky spuzzsneaky spuzz

(01/07/2021) just a sneaky little lynx. i draw this character a lot because i specifically engineered him to be pleasant to draw for me

ixis naugusixis naugus

(30/07/2021) a naugus. actually feeling like my pencils are improving which is cool

mammoth mogul and max gamble in the classic stylemammoth mogul and max gamble in the classic style

(29/07/2021) thinking about it mammoth mogul and max gamble can work really well in the classic universe. they can organize the casinos, carnivals n shit, and be a non eggman-threat. probably should add in the marxio bros in the mix.

young scrooge at the yukonyoung scrooge at the yukon

(28/07/2021) i read uncle scrooge comics religiously as a kid, and started re-reading my massive collection. trying to figure these ducks out, somehow managed to draw the beak in one try. young scrooge in the yukon

great battle kukku XVgreat battle kukku XV

(25/07/2021) i love this guy that's all

mecha sallymecha sally

(23/07/2021) basically drew this to illustrate a conversation. mecha sally is extremely creepy as a concept and I wish that got utilized more. wanted to demonstrate her moving suddenly, making impossible human rotations. that would amplify how horrifying losing their friend is

2021 icon2021 icon

(23/07/2021) and here's the other icon. spuzz (he only bleeds willingly he isn't hurt)

2020 icon2020 icon

(23/07/2021) i wanted to make some additional icons for navigation. dragon

walter nauguswalter naugus

(23/07/2021) still having my eternal trouble with hands. walter

spuzz and nicole meetspuzz and nicole meet

(22/07/2021) so what if my lynx met THE lynx. just wanted to exercice a specific artstyle. how these two would interact is that nicole will be quite interested at an undead being, but she will be too interested in that. she wouldn't treat him like a normal being and it will frustrate him a bit. well that's already too much thought put into it. also lighting lynx isn't there because FUCK lightning lynx

sonic x elias art or whateversonic x elias art or whatever

(22/07/2021) so how do i explain this one. it's just a shitpost/chatroom in joke i spent too much effort on because elias is nice to draw. nothing against the people who ship this tho! only complaint is the rigid poses, i should practice on that. royal bussy

spuzz being embarassed or somethingspuzz being embarassed or something

(19/07/2021) inking exercice. spuzz is one of my characters, not supposed to wear pants but whatever they're cool! he's trying to intimidate someone stronger than him for his boss probably

webring bannerwebring banner

(14/07/2021) two resolution fuckups now! this one is too small. oh well

about banner with no textabout banner with no text

(14/07/2021) about banner with no text. drawing the freaky mirror reflection was the best part

music banner with no textmusic banner with no text

(14/07/2021) i accidentally drew this one in an absrudly high quality compared to the others, and i was already too far in to stop, so i just finished it and scaled the one in the art section down. this is the scaled up version, and with no text too

jeremiah with no textjeremiah with no text

(14/07/2021) here's jeremiah without text. love him ahaha, i just made him up on the spot while drawing


(13/07/2021) drew to of my OCs while dealing with neck pain, twas relaxing. i need to change up their designs


(11/07/2021) internet cut off, tried to draw these guys from memory. gave up with antoine's clothes and sally's hair, can't without a ref. hey patch looks cool

the naugus cavethe naugus cave

(11/07/2021) honestly, i have no idea how i did that whole icon batch + 2 logos + sketches above without collapsing

webring icon with no textwebring icon with no text

(11/07/2021) webring icon with no text. i love lain even if i had to butcher the poor girl

about icon with no textabout icon with no text

(11/07/2021) about icon with no text. this is the first time I atually drew this character, shock the boar!

art icon with no textart icon with no text

(11/07/2021) art icon with no text. i still haven't settled on a colorscheme for this guy despite him being nearly 1 year old. sorry dude.

music icon with no textmusic icon with no text

(11/07/2021) music icon with no text. just wanted to convey this dude is unhinged

blog icon with no textblog icon with no text

(11/07/2021) blog icon with no text. first of the batch and my favorite! the naugus cave is actaully just a discord channel in a private server where i ramble about the sonic archie comics, decided to share those ramblings with the world

new logonew logo

(11/07/2021) this new logo doesn't have anything special besides looking nice. oh and a hidden naugus

naugus fucking diesnaugus fucking dies

(11/07/2021) from a series of shitposts about naugus in a private server. just drew naugus over hawking dying

big naugusbig naugus

(10/07/2021) easily my favorite of the bunch. the one in the cave is the same image just stretched in a comedic manner

blockhead bill riding tyrantrumblockhead bill riding tyrantrum

(10/07/2021) this one is way too rigid but still, i love drawing tyrantrum. blockhead bill rides dinosaurs (both meanings excluding tyrantrum)

gigachad naugusgigachad naugus

(10/07/2021) only one of these were someone specifically asked me what to draw. the most well drawn of the bunch

ga crystalcrystal

(10/07/2021) just absurd humor i love it

naugus trollnaugus troll

(8/07/2021) no comment

coelacanth being a nerdcoelacanth being a nerd

(8/07/2021) warmup doodle just as i woke up. sonic oc i made he's a coelacanth and a nerd and he's explaining things to you

spuzz being gay or some shitspuzz being gay or some shit

(6/07/2021) one of my OCs, very fun to draw. he's sitting in a chair ig


(5/07/2021) warmup nicoles


(1/07/2021) korg detecting stuff with his antennas or something *korg belongs to @GLITTERRGUNK on twitter*

dr zacharydr zachary

(1/07/2021) friend asked me to draw him. pose is kinda weird but whatevs i had fun


(28/06/2021) OC i never colored. colors don't make much sense just wanted to chill and have fun

coelacanth sonic OCcoelacanth sonic OC

(16/06/2021) came up with my first sonic OC here. cool ruin explorer nerd himbo man idk

jewel da beetlejewel da beetle

(16/06/2021) dont like this one very much but fun doodle


(11/06/2021) finitevus!!! love this guy and was a blast to draw


(8/06/2021) another parody OC but this time emo 2000s fashion. they're a godlike demonic entity

gay bean and barkgay bean and bark

(8/06/2021) what de duck doin


(7/06/2021) tomta the shopkeeper

(4/06/2021) classic espio is cool he was originally the only detective in the chaotix and that's fucking cool


(4/06/2021) fish dude from same story as below

da fuckersda fuckers

(28/05/2021) parodies of over the top clothing styles. they are chars in a story in my head and they will rob you. i gotta make these designs less busy


(16/05/2021) its him!!!

fox fuckerfox fucker

(9/05/2021) guess who finally figured out a design

dragon and dinodragon and dino

(26/04/2021) chibified versions? more furrified versions? idk just an alt cute way to draw these chars


(19/04/2021) tried to redesign a char but had too much fun with it


(17/04/2021) graphic i did for a free software advocate friend


(13/04/2021) ohh here's that dragon again

ref sheetref sheet

(8/04/2021) attempt at a ref sheet. its not bad i just can't do ref sheets if my life depended on it

first sonafirst sona

(5/04/2021) redrew my first sona, still don't like them very much


(3/04/2021) lammy that's her!

da gangda gang

(27/03/2021) characters from my video game idea. changed them up a bit since


(27/03/2021) made my OC less of a twink, though i overdid it i guess


(24/03/2021) cute movie night *korg and pen belong to @GLITTERRGUNK on twitter*


(20/03/2021) xenia!!! rejected linux mascot, look her up pretty cool


(14/03/2021) krita test


(06/03/2021) concept art for game


(15/02/2021) that one alien. had a blast with this one!!


(14/02/2021) dragons i drew for valentine


(12/02/2021) he's sitting and being all sad ewww

some peoplesome people

(24/01/2021) some childhood characters


(14/01/2021) bat twink neevr gonna finish this sheet


(01/01/2021) drew this for 2021, using a character I don't use anymore but it's still kinda cute

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