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GAP CIRCA JULY 2022: i got too annoyed with not being able to draw much because of my lack of a tablet pen, i draw physically on my sketchbook for the time being but i am not as comfortable on it as digital because of many reasons, mainly, coloring tools (i wonder if this will be relevant!). i realized i could just use the mouse and, do stuff, even if its not as "good" as my usual art. i think it will result in things that are different and more experimental rather than focusing on detail. its the fact that i've been focusing too much on doing "quality" that made me draw less and less, nothing in the main art page is colored (as of now) because of this

tekno the canarytekno the canary

(26/07/2022) tekno the canary


(20/07/2022) was away from home for a little while. did a ratman person kreechur the second i got back


(12/07/2022) i myself do not know what this is. he looks nice however. taking revenge on the file size of the last one


(08/07/2022) will try to make mouse drawings daily. focused much more on having fun with sai layers than actually drawing but uhh cool colors. not a huge fan of idw comics but like these losers. didnt notice how similar this piece is to yesterday's but whatever


(07/07/2022) this one is about the feeling of sinking

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