I saw the webring thing on lainchan and though I should learn a skill like making a website, it would be a fun activity and all. Turns out: it was!

I had a blast making this, even if I'm a beginner and a lot of things here aren't that efficient. If anyone knows how to make my blog more readable or more efficient, please tell me.

I have been working on this for a few days, it's almost at what I would call a complete stage. I kept adding stuff as I was leaning html and css (custom font, bg, etc...) but without overdoing it or anything (I hope?). This is a nice website for people to keep up with what I make while being completely privacy respecting and ordered by date, as well as a place for me to ramble on my own on anything without bothering anybody. All of the support I got from friends and family, as well as complete strangers over this silly project has been heartwarming. I plan to make blog posts on the future about what I'm learning as a beginner to programming (C programming to be specific) <3.