Archive what you love

I just spent 3 hours organizing and downloading the highest quality scans of the Archie Sonic comics that I could find. Why? Because I love it. When you love something, I'm pretty sure you don't want it to be lost to time, or unavailable for you or others to enjoy in the future. Most scans online are pretty low quality and old, imagine if these high quality scans were lost forever after some websites suddently shut down? You never know! Even if you're sure someone already archived it, download it anyways. It will never leave your hard drive, but it will leave the internet one day. If you find an interesting information online, archive the page with archive.org, even if its just a random social media post. My archival habits, even if they may seem paranoid, saved me many times from losing crucial data! And, the archival habits of others continue saving thousands of information and media from being lost. Even another person picking up these habits can save so much, it only takes a few clicks to download a file or archive a page on archive.org. Love!

This is cool okay

An image of my Archie Sonic comics archive.