Life caught up to me so fucking hard waaah waah blah blah blah got busy

The actual problem is that being busy makes me forget about the website, then I remember the website, and then I get intimidated by the work I neglected so I do nothing in the end.

It isn't a chore and there's no pressure but I like working on stuff and posting it to the world, not necessarily for attention (avoided social media for this reason) but simply for the joy of sharing really.


I went to Japan and got inking art supplies, most notably a pen nib holder and a bunch of various nibs. Extremely a ton of fun and made me enjoy art since a long time, I'm currently storyboarding a comic I will post here for sure 100%. spuzz nation............... get ready..............;;;


Got burnout for art, stuck in music. It's been months now and while I still find enjoyment I can't really make anything concrete. It's partly a reason for the neglect, I already don't update anymore and if I do I don't really have much to show (besides the music sketches I have a loooot lot more). It's just like that sometimes and it correlates with a difficult part of my life, heavily suspecting that is sucking the life out of me and in consequence sucking the creativity and drive out of me.

I won't let stupid shit destroy me though :D