I made a wiki because I can


Yesterday somehow I brought out in conversation about how shit W*kia/F*ndom is uuuhhh so I made a wiki for fun since I have a server. Set up Mediawiki with Nginx (also why isn't there proper Nginx documentation on their website whyy so much pain) and then spent a couple hours learning Gimp to make a kickass logo.

Maybe I shouldn't have done it in raster but hurrgrgrhrhg who cares look at how cool it looks:

What is this about?

The website itself explains it best:

Welcome to the HARDBREAKS Wiki! We're a community effort looking to document and share all types of information relating to many types of underground electronic music, with a particular focus on Breakcore but not limited to it.

Content we are trying to offer

I don't really expect anything activity wise, but if you can contribute even a sentence please do. It's really easy and explained on the main page.

Internet distributed underground music especially is very poorly documented in some areas and its a subject rife with misinformation or scattered resources. So this type of project if it is pulled off would be actually great.

I spent a lot of time scouring obscure dead forums for hours to find Breakcore production techniques and I still have no clue mostly. The average person would not do the same and will just click on "how to do breakcoar on fl studio gros beat". I have nothing against FL Studio!!! Here's a great Breakcore tutorial for it. I just like all of the ways to do something be accessible knowledge for something to carve out their style. There is no wrong way to make music but genres have definitions, avoid limiting yourself to something like that and on top getting shat on for getting it wrong, try any dumb method that comes in your head or any idea found online that sounds appealing to you and just make stuff. Ogey ramble over.

INB4 this is less active than whatever this wiki is