■ Sonic appears in "i App"!

There are plenty of benefits! Sega's representative character, Sonic's i-app game. Let's run to the goal while collecting the ring!

■ Sonic runs through your phone! That speed of sound hedgehog finally appeared in "Sonic Cafe"! It is the final version of the exhilarating action that anyone can easily enjoy. You can enjoy the exhilaration of collecting rings and running to the goal on your mobile phone.

■ Sega's most representative work Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic is a representative character of Sega loved by men and women of all age. It is exactly the same as the original version that anyone can easily enjoy exhilarating action. Bgm is also full of nostalgia for those who have enjoyed the mega drive version!

■ National rankings are being held! Sonic's score is determined by the time remaining and the number of rings earned. The key to the game is how many rings you can collect while running through the stage. Press the decision key on the title screen to register your score and check how many you are in the whole country! (It is a service only for sonic café registrants)

<< Reward 1 >>

Sonic Watch (i App)

Sonic's character clock with world time function, stopwatch function, and timer function. Very convenient!

<< Reward 2 >>

Sonic Music

The first "Sonic The Hedgehog" BGM is an incoming melody!

<< Reward 3 >>

Sonic wait image

Original waiting image only available here! In addition to the regular waiting screen, you can also receive calls and mails!

<< Game Description >>

■How to operate 1

Control Sonic to collect rings and reach the finished goal in time. The operation is as follows.

【Left and right keys】 Horizontal movement

【Top Key】 Jump

■How to operate 2

If you hit a toge or crab on the ground, you will lose all the rings you have. If you hit it when you don't have a ring the game will be over.

■ Clear!

It is clear when you reach the right edge of the stage in time. The score is displayed by the number of rings collected and the remaining time.