■  Sonic is back with his buddy Tails!! ■

In 1991, "Sonic the Hedgehog", which was released on MegaDrive, was completely transplanted in all 6 zones.

■ This time it's an adventure between two people!!

The world's fastest sound speed hedgehog 『Sonic』 is back with buddy 『Tails』!!

You can enjoy 『Sonic』 with a better tempo and exhilaration by adding a 『spin dash』 that can accelerate rapidly on the spot to the new action!!

Run through all 11 stages with power-ups and volumes to thwart Dr. Eggman's ambitions!

In addition, in the mega i app version, a new mode 『Special Stage Attack』 and 『Eggman Battle』 are added. The score attack is hot!!。

Compatible models

Mega App Version: foma903 series and later

5 App collaboration version: foma902 series (excluding some models)

■ Mode Description

[Starting from the beginning / Start from the middle]

Start the game. In 「Start from the middle」, you can resume from the beginning of the stage where the last play ended.

[Stage Select]

Choose your favorite stage and start the game.

[Attack Mode] (Compatible with 903 series)

You can play special stage boss battles alone. The number of stages that can be played will increase depending on the clear situation.


Connect to the network to compete for high scores with other players.

■ How to operate

◆ Left and right movement: Left and right keys (accelerate when you press and hold)

◆ Jump: Upper key

◆ Crouching: Lower key

◆ Spinning while driving: Lower key during dash

◆ See above: Decision key

◆ Spin Dash (NEW)

Start spinning with the decision key from the crouching state. When you move the decision key off, it dashes.

※ If you come into contact with an enemy while sonic is curled, such as while jumping or spinning, you can defeat the enemy.

■ Game Flow

The stage consists of a total of 11 「zones」, which are further organized into stages called 「acts」.

If you win the battle against 「Dr. Eggman」 waiting at the end of each zone, you can advance to the next zone.

If Sonic takes damage with a ring possession of 0, it will be a mistake.

Conversely, if you have even one ring, the ring will scatter instead of sonic will take damage, and it will not be a mistake.

■ Secrets of capture

◆About Tails

Always follow Sonic in action and attack.

Tails will return to the screen after a while even if it becomes a mistake, so let's use it well to clear the game.i

※ The ring tails took will be added to the number of possessions as a ring of Sonic!!

◆Spin Dash Advanced Tech

If you hit the decision key consecutively during the spin dash operation, the dash will gain momentum!!

This allows you to go on a route that you would not normally be able to reach,

You may be able to find hidden item boxes in unexpected places...