(15/09/2023) moving

hello, currently moving and very busy. I am doing very well

(28/11/2022) Now clicking on an image on the art section zooms on it

Pure html/css implementation, will never add javascript to this page. Thanks to Leah Rowe for making it! Also I will eventually clean up the music section no promises. And eventually update the webring. And and and and


Still working on the XHTML version, should probably find a way to automate it since I have a shit ton of images in the art section. Anyways, I have to pass the bac and unrelated but each passing day I feel like jumping off my window more and more for some reason.

(01/06/2022) Cleanup

Planning to cleanup some stuff on here, mainly convert everything to respect the XHTML standard and change GEGENKULTUR's garbage design entirely. Even my own content on there is rushed and pointless due to how rambly it is. I will work on bettering myself!!!

(31/03/2022) Uhh

I love this project to bits and have grand plans for it, but its clear I just won't have the strength to take care of it for a little while. I'm sure there isn't a real person who cares too much but I did get nice comments, I do find my place pretty cool too. After school is done and I de-zombify myself or something I will give it what it deserves. (I do have some free time, I am just demotivated to do the most basic of work, including school, but I try to throw in some drawing every once in a while.)

(10/12/2021) New icons and small update

I evolved so much art wise that I felt that many of the icons/drawings throughout the website do not reflect my style anymore. I'm updating them slowly when time/energy allows me to.

I love this place and I will not abandon it. I could only update it with scarce art posts so far, that's what all I can do for now unfortunately, but at least its something. Still overboarded with school and exams, and even when I find free time I'd rather spend it relaxing from that. Who cares about that tho, new icons cool as fuck!!!

(03/09/2021) Pause on all writings

I don't know how many people actually read my blog. If you do, wow thank you. Anyhow, it's going on hiatus for now. It already paused a few weeks ago, wanted to formally announce it I guess.

The reason is simple, it's September and I'm back to school. Writing takes me usually a lot of energy and time, which I currently do not have. It will return, not sure when.

(07/08/2021) Vacation & Thanks

I went to a vacation with my parents for a week, I'm back now and my mind feels very refreshed. I'm ready to write a looot of things hehe.

Also, thank you for 16k unique views on this page! A bit cliché to say this but I really never expected my dumb little website to have so many eyes laid on it. Kind of makes me nervous, but it also feels great to have the stuff I create actually interest people. I never had that attention in real life, so I guess I assumed it wouldn't happen online. I usually don't care about attention but it's goddamn 16k! Imagine 100 people in a room. Now make that 160 rooms. That's a lot of people.

Kinda insane, man.

(01/28/2021) Sonic Stories update + something cool (for me at least)

Sonic Stories:

I think I took a complete wrong direction with the 2nd entry of Sonic Stories and I will rewrite it completely. I will also be more careful when writing, due to ADHD I tend to not re-read what I wrote and it ends up being very hard to read. I just want to find a better direction for this series I'm enjoying a lot creating, even if it is unecessary. I will try to state less the obvious in the future. Also Master System/Game Gear coming after Sonic 2. Very excited for those.


I automated almost entirely my art page. I only have to provide the filename and description, then the html code is written for me. The date is automatically taken from the computer's clock. The image is also uploaded (it errors in the screenshot because the file does not exist, but I tried it, works!) All I have to do is copy-paste the code. I can always change the text, it's mostly idiot-proof. Though maybe, I should add a third input for alt text because a filename does not help blind people much. God bless the blind people looking at a drawings page!

a screenshot of my terminal output, showing my program in action

Probably the first instance I used my own coding skills to do something that helps me in my daily life. I'm not sharing the code because I code like shit, and it only works with my own files anyways.