i am fighting for my life


message me about anything, or be friends with me, that's gladly appreciated as well


email: gapandfriends@cock.li

email 2: gabbagaps@nauguscave.xyz

(both are okay to use, try switching between them if one does not seem to work)

public key: click here to download


self description

hi, i'm gap! i created this website to share what i make. i enjoy making and maybe you can find enjoyment from it too. i am very passionate about what i like, it doesn't seem to be in excess thankfully. i am very direct and honest, which some people might dislike, i don't really care. as you might have guessed from reading these my thoughts are pretty disorganized, i hope its not a big issue especially if it comes in the way of understanding. i enjoy art in general, animation, hardcore music, mostly retro games, non-capeshit comics, programming, etc... well, you see, im not very special or interesting, but it might be a nice surprise to get to know me. i really can't describe myself very well haha

where am I from?