written by: gap


How did anyone think that making students, be it young children or young adults (why are they still treated similarly?), sit for around 10 fucking hours doing boring monotonous shit or literally nothing, yeah apparently kids aren't sponges they don't passively absorb information???

I am not learning shit I am vomiting things I don't care about on a test and forgetting them instantly.

Listening to a different constant stream of information every hour the whole day while also having to do homework and prepare for tests is exhausting (actually why do we have school at home after spending the whole day at school?), a kid after such a day will be too tired most of the time to do anything productive like LEARNING or creative activities and will just want to play or rest watching tv or something.

That was rambly (I don't care #gangsta :3) but if you want to be sure ask yourself if you remember anything from uhh shit like biology and if the amount of hours spent learning that in school is proportional to what you actually learned.

I know from personal experience that school dissuaded me from LEARNING in my free time because my brain is too fried after a whole day and my mind started correlating education with boredom and pain. But the shit I went to learn on my own stuck with me for life woah what??????,,,

Teaching people is good and even freeing, like the skill of reading and writing actually empowers people. But the way schools currently are is not it. The job of a teacher is respectable and they are merely a victim of the system, they have to follow the school system too.


Don't you think it's impressive that kids are trained in their life since age 6 towards the job pipeline? Constantly graded, evaluated and only treated like products with numbers attached that universities (and even certain middle schools and high schools) will pick apart from each other. Kids are trained to become a product and have to compete among other kids to become satisfactory and chosen. The truth is that school builds a tolerance for wage-slaving and obedience, so it does prepare you for jobs in a way. Except that at least in a fucking job you are paid and allowed to move and talk with coworkers. Kids work so hard for several years and recieve nothing besides "you will have an ebin job in the future :)".

Not to mention the fact you barely use shit you learned from school at your job, you have universities to teach specialized shit and training to do the majority of jobs like uhh an office job or being a baker or some shit. It's clear that the role of school is ideological!!!



If the majority of kids and teenagers fucking hate school it should be a symptom of something. Just saying. Kids are naturally curious and always ask questions and are always willing to learn. We have a human drive to learn, and yet school removes it from people. It's the sign that there is something seriously wrong with society and that we should strive to fix it, but the inconvenient truth is that it has everything to do with how society is structured at large (poopitalism) as seen with how school trains you to be an obedient worker and that alienation is not only seen in kids but adults as well.