music that hurts

i write music on occasion but it is not much of a serious hobby. songs rarely polished and i don't tend to finish them. maybe you can find something to enjoy though!!

(17/09/2021) welcome.mp3

i finally got some random energy to make music again! nothing fancy just some 7th and breaks through a phaser

(7/07/2021) fielday.mp3

when i work on a song it's in separate pieces, which is why this doesn't make sense together much

(30/06/2021) sneak.mp3

i dont own a musical keyboard, all my music is written zero music gear. did this demo with my brother's keyboard cause he let me try it

(17/06/2021) time.mp3

fun rave

(11/06/2021) cosmicelevation.mp3

sampled a bunch of stuff and went wild

(28/05/2021) trap.mp3

this song is much older but that's the date in the file ig. i hate trap so i wanted to do stuff with it

(24/05/2021) doomed.mp3

drum and bass stuff, i find it less creative than the rest but the end is cool

(25/04/2021) gabba.mp3

first time doing gabber. like this a lot, nastyyyyyy kicks

(67/03/2021) dragon.mp3

first time trying to do music around a character. me likey

(17/02/2021) TURRON.mp3

i like ena, tried to make the song as insane as the episode

W.I.P (14/02/2021) mylove.mp3

this one is still not done, but i'm having fun making it

(29/11/2020) Inside_Da_Base.mp3

some more genesis stuff. tried to use repetition to my advantage??? its okay

(29/11/2020) chase_scene.mp3

some acid fun :3

(21/11/2020) black_cat.mp3

first time using openmpt, the mixing is quite bad but I like how high speed this is

(13/11/2020) rug_steppa.mp3

i like the dreamy feel of this though some parts feel sloppily made

(31/10/2020) Creepo.mp3

something I made for halloween inspired by a realllyyyy old song of mine (its terrible and embarassing so im not posting here). its mehhh

(29/10/2020) dogs_keep_barking.mp3

went apeshit and had fun with samples

(28/10/2020) eighties.mp3

this reminds me of a game or somethin tho the mix is quit bad

(18/10/2020) unionize.mp3

what if factory was a song (deep)

(04/10/2020) alleyway_person.mp3

made something with a genesis soundfont. dont like parts of the melody but some other parts are funky

(03/10/2020) love_yourself.mp3

this song is the first where I made all of the sounds myself using 3 oscillators, it's cheerful

(03/10/2020) alalh.mp3

pretty much a shitpost :P, made this for a friend

(27/09/2020) running_away_from_god.mp3

in the same vein as the song before it but worse and more unfinished

(25/09/2020) whore_-_lol.mp3

never finished this but twas fun i think???

(04/09/2020) please_call_me.mp3

this is old but i still really like it, i have no idea what the fuck i did during the second part though

(10/08/2020) CONNECTION.LOST.mp3

kinda eh but kinda good at some parts. didnt know much what i was doing

(29/06/2020) Come_On.mp3

using some hiphop acapella, forget who was it but this was fun

(27/06/2020) Eternal_Bliss_VERSUS.mp3

i kinda hate this one but the last part is good

(12/06/2020) big_chungus.mp3

this one is okay but it has an unfortunate name

(23/04/2020) funkyspace.mp3

i still really like this, i should expand on it



i like this, sounds like it fits in an old halloween video game


this is kinda cool as well actually

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